Hot Summer Sale

Save on all your summer needs in-store at MadHatters' Hot Summer Sale! You'll find

Summer hats for $6

Round beach towels for $10 - great for picnics too!

Perfumes and Colognes 3 for $15 or 5 for $20

Ladies' shorts for $5

Polysilk scarves for $5 each or 3 for $10

Ladies' Summer tops for $10

Men's sandals and slides for $9  

Chiffon Beach Tops $10

Capri Palazzo Pants for $11.95 each or get 2 for $20

Back packs from $15

Luggage from $39.95

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Blue Beach Bag

$29.95 $6.95
A blue and white multi-coloured frilly beach bag.

Black Beach Bag

$29.95 $6.95
A black and white coloured beach bad with multi-colored frills on the side.

Striped Beach Bag

$29.95 $6.95
A blue, black and pink coloured horizontal striped bag.

White and Green Beach Bag

$29.95 $6.95
An vintage green and red coloured square shaped pattern embroidered on the side of a beach bag.
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