Pashmina Scarves

We carry women’s scarves for every season and social occasion. From hand-woven, long and woolly, to breezy and colourful, we have designer scarves that will look great with your wardrobe, and will keep you comfortable with versatility and style.

See our latest selections below to buy women’s scarves online.

Royal Blue Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A royal blue coloured pashmina scarf.

Turquoise Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A solid turquoise coloured pashina scarf.

Red Pashmina

$29.95 $9.00
A solid red coloured pashmina scarf.

Beige Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A beige coloured pashmina scarf.

Soft Red Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A soft vibrant red coloured pashmina scarf.

Brown Floral Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A light brown coloured floral pashmina.

Beige Floral Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A beige coloured floral pashmina scarf.

Red Floral Pashmina

$29.95 $11.95
A red coloured floral pattern pashmina.
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